City Council Minutes

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The Charlottesville City Council is the ultimate governmental authority for the city with a primary responsibility to vote on and pass local legislation or resolutions. Below, we link to Charlottesville City Council minutes in two groups: 1953-present and 1916-1924.  

The City Council minutes from 1953 to present are currently available on the City of Charlottesville webpage.  

The 1916-1924 minutes are excerpted from City Council Minute Book E (1916-1930), the original of which is located at Charlottesville City Hall in the Office of the Clerk of the Council.  UVA Law Library staff photographed and digitized this full run of minutes from September 25, 1916 to December 15, 1924. They can be downloaded here as a full-text searchable PDF. (Note: On some pages, fingers have been blurred out along the margins.)

Please note that the name of Paul Goodloe McIntire, the benefactor of the Jackson and Lee statues, appears in the minutes as McIntire and McIntyre.

Minutes, 1916 - 1924

Digitized from the original minute books at Charlottesvile City Hall

Minutes, 1953 - Present

Searchable and downloadable from the City of Charlottesville website

Council Meetings Regarding Statues, 1916-1924

To facilitate research, the links below direct researchers to specific pages in which the statues and/or parks are mentioned in the City Council minutes from 1916-1924.