Motion for Extension of Temporary Injunctions and Notice of Hearing on Motion

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Ralph E. Main, Jr.
Dygert, Wright, Hobbs & Heilberg
S. Braxton Puryear
Elliott Harding
Attachment 1: Ruling, Judge Moore, 4 October 2017 Injunction Hearing, Payne v. Charlottesville
Attachment 2: Paige Rice, Certificate of Authenticity, 4 October 2017
Attachment 3: Excerpt, Chatlottesville City Council Meeting, 21 August 2017
Attachment 4: "Resolution: To Remove and relocate the statue of Stonewall Jackson from Justice Park and expedite the removal of both the Jackson and Robert E. Lee statues pending final disposition," Charlottesville City Council, 5 September 2017.
Attachment 5: "Resolution (As Amended): To Transform the City of Charlottesville's core public spaces in keeping with the recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Race, Memorials and Public Spaces," Charlottesville City Council, 5 September 2017.
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